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We Are Proudly Fee-Only Advisors

We proudly provide fee-only advice. We are not commissioned sales people. We provide advice and recommendations that fit your needs, not what pay the largest commission. Our fee-only approach allows us to find financial solutions that serve your interests above all.

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Refinance Student Loans

Student loan debt. Almost everyone I know has been affected by it in one way or another. Whether it is you, your child, or friends and family, we all know how this debt can impact a family budget. Sometimes you think it will never go away. I know firsthand; since 2005...

Merry Christmas!

The Holidays are here and if you’re like most Americans you probably spent a small fortune on gifts.  Your holiday budget was probably lit up like the house from Christmas Vacation, but don’t worry – tax season is right around the corner! Follow our tips below to get...

What Else Can I do to Save on Taxes?

As we near the end of another year, the flood of emails and phone calls begin to come in. Many of them with the same intent. Clients are beginning to think about paying taxes. For many small business owners 2015 is proving to be a good year. Overall sentiment on the...